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VPK-Oyl and Sberbank: Contract valued at over 3 bn. rub.

VPK-Oyl LLC and Sibirsky Sberbank signed a loan agreement (November 3rd) valued at 3.15 bn. rubles for the project of bitumen and diesel fuel production (Euro-5 class).

Our partners decided to implement a new investment project; Sberbank is providing an =]pportunity of its financing for the period of ten years. The total project value – 4.5 bn. rub, we are financing 70 % - this is the value of the loan agreement which was signed – said Kirill Brel, the Chairman of Sibirsky Sberbank at the ceremony of contract signing

As Sergey Tumashov, VPK-Oyl Director, informed the journalists, the idea of refinery upgrade project envisioning construction of a 300 Ktpa Diesel Hydrotreating Unit and a 80 Ktpa Bitumen Production Unit was born in 2015.

Many negotiations have been held with potential investors, including foreign investors but the conditions proposed by Sberbank proved to be the most attractive.

Our company is planning to start production of diesel fuel in 2018, production of bitumen — in 2017. After that, further production upgrade is possible.

— The refinery upgrade to 1.8 mln.t. — we keep this project in mind as it is quite promising. We will get down to it only after we execute everything envisioned here and commission the processes – he said.

VPK-Oyl LLC has been executing the project of oil refinery upgrade in Kochenevo, Novosibirsk region since 2006. The plan is that the company will start producing diesel fuel of the similar class in 2018 and in the nearest future the company will commence production of Euro-5 gasoline – was earlier informed by the Vice-Governor Sergey Syemka.

22.11.2016 15:36

Source: INTERFAX, InfoPro54


VPK-Oyl today is the only oil refining enterprise in the region. The plant was commissioned for operation in 2007 at 50 Ktpa capacity. In 2014, the company finished reconstruction of production facilities, which ensured capacity increase to 500 Ktpa. VPK-Oyl planned to increase the capacity to 1,8 Mt in five years using a Chinese investor. The total investment volume was estimated at around 500 mln. USD.

The products of Kochenevsky Refinery are sold to other regions of Russia; around 25 % is exported to Europe. After implementation of the project supported by Sberbank contract, the total project value will be about 8 bn. rubles.

Sberbank is the general partner of VPK-Oyl; with its help, the refinery was upgraded to the existing 600 K t/year capacity with the conversion rate increase to 86 %

22.11.2016 15:36

Source: INTERFAX, InfoPro54

Sergei Menyailo: the development of deep processing of raw materials and, in particular, oil is of particular importance for economic growth

Today the Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Siberian Federal district Sergey Menyailo visited Kochenevsky refinery "VPK-OYL", where took place the opening of the complex bitumen production.

The company, located in a working village Kochenevo of the Novosibirsk region, started its work in 2007. The plant carries out processing of oil of the Verkh-Tarsky field. In 2015, the project received international status, the total volume of planned investments – 9.3 billion rubles.

"The opening of new modern production facilities is always an important event, as it allows us to talk about increasing tax revenues, creating additional jobs," the envoy said. "At the same time, the development of deep processing of raw materials and, in particular, oil is of particular importance for economic growth."

According to Sergey Menyailo, the production of bitumen in the Novosibirsk region will contribute to better work of the road-building complex of the region, as well as the surrounding regions of the Siberian Federal district.

During the workshop the prospects of further development of the enterprise were discussed. It is assumed that in 2017 the new bitumen plant will produce about 520 thousand tons of products. According to the information provided, in 2018 at the refinery it is planned to start production of diesel fuel of ecological class 5, in 2020 – gasoline of ecological class 5, corresponding to the requirements of technical regulations.