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Kochenevsky Refinery / VPK-Oyl LLC Health,                Safety and Environment LICENSING

We have all the necessary certificates, permits and licenses for the:

    • operation of explosion hazardous production facilities; 
    • operation of fire hazardous production facilities;
    • loading and unloading of hazardous freight on railroads;
    • collection, use, deactivation, transportation, and placement of hazardous waste;
    • operation of chemically hazardous production facilities;
    • a permit for the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere;
    • a certificate for the right to perform emergency rescue and other urgent works in emergency situations.


Every year the Company performs a level B training exercise as part of the plan to localize and liquidate emergency situations with the participation of the staff of:

    • the professional emergency and rescue unit "Center for provision of Civil Defense Measures, Emergencies and Fire Safety in the Novosibirsk Region"
    • the fire brigade duty patrol FB-62 for the protection of the Kochenevsky Area and other field services.


VPK-Oyl LLC’s objective in relation to health, safety and the environment, is to develop and implement projects aimed at the prevention of injuries, emergencies, incidents and also the observance of environmental standards and requirements in accordance with an established procedure.

To achieve these aims, VPK-Oyl LLC carries out the following activities:

  • health, safety and environment activities aimed at the constant reduction of the number of emergencies, industrial injuries and professional diseases;

  • monitoring of health, safety and environment by means of production facility inspections, expert appraisals, information collection and analysis in the above areas;

  • examinations to assess the knowledge of health and safety procedures of top managers and specialists within the Company;

  • quality control for special clothes and personal protection equipment;

  • appraisal of labor conditions.

At VPK-Oyl LLC’s Kochenevsky refinery, we take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of machines and equipment, as specified in their operation manuals. Production instructions for safe operation and maintenance of all types of equipment are developed at the facility on the basis of operational manuals from the manufacturers, as well as technical norms and specifications.

The technical equipment meets the requirements of the Technical regulations of the customs union "On the Safety of Machines and Equipment" No. ТР ТС 010/2011, the requirements of the Technical regulations of the customs union "on safety of equipment for work in explosive environments" no. тр тс 012/2011, the requirements of Federal Norms and Rules "General Rules of Explosion Safety for Explosion and Fire Hazardous Chemical, Petrochemical and Oil Processing Plants" approved by order of the Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor) of 11.03.2013 No.96, etc.

The preparation and training of the company’s personnel is governed by the "Provision of Training for Health, Safety, Professional Preparation, Re-qualification, Further Training of Top Managers, Specialists and Workers of the Main Professions within VPK-Oyl LLC." The top managers and specialists of VPK-Oyl LLC are prepared and accredited in accordance with the "Provision of Preparation and Accreditation of Company Specialists Supervised by the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision" approved by order of Rostekhnadzor on 29.01.2007. The qualifications of top managers and VPK-Oyl LLC’s specialists are confirmed by higher technical education diplomas, certificates of further training, and work experience in their positions.

The “Provision for Production Control and Observance of Industrial Safety Requirements at VPK-Oyl LLC’s Hazardous Production Facilities” has been developed and used in VPK-Oyl LLC, in accordance with the order for planning and performing control measures to determine that the requirements of industrial safety are observed.

Systems of control, management, alarms and emergency prevention at the facilities of VPK-Oyl LLC ensure the safety of technological processes via permanent control of the technological process parameters, control of modes to maintain rated values, registration of actuation, control of the functional state of emergency prevention equipment, permanent control of the air at the facilities, permanent analysis of parameter, changes in critical values and forecasts of how emergencies will develop.

Instrument control systems, alarms and automatic emergency prevention of technological processes correspond to the federal norms and rules in terms of industrial safety.

The enterprise meets the requirements of preventing entry by strangers to the hazardous production facilities area. The whole perimeter of the territory has solid metal fencing. The perimeter of the hazardous production facilities is equipped with video observation systems. A strict access system has been established at the checkpoints in accordance with the "Instructions on Access and Intra-Facility Mode." At night the facility is illuminated. Hazardous production facilities are provided with fire-fighting equipment and there is a telephone link with all Novosibirsk services.

In VPK-Oyl LLC, plans to localize and liquidate emergencies in accordance with the established procedure are in place along with a plan to prevent and liquidate emergency spills of oil and oil products, which has been developed and approved in accordance with the established procedure.

Personnel are always ready to localize and liquidate emergencies and a schedule to train maintenance personnel in the likely emergency scenarios that might occur in accordance with the operative part of the Emergency Plan, has been drawn up. Our staffs are provided with personal protection equipment, materials and instruments, special clothes, special footwear, and first-aid kits.

VPK-Oyl LLC has concluded a contract with a specialist company for a professional emergency and rescue service to maintain a potentially hazardous facility to handle localization and liquidation of emergencies. A non-staff emergency and rescue unit has been formed from Company employees. Certificate No. 27.10.2016 series 16/2-2 No. 08925 giving the right to perform emergency and rescue works in emergencies was issued by the Industry Commission of the Ministry of Energy of Russia for Attestation of Emergency and Rescue Services (Units) and Rescuers of the Oil and Gas Industry.


Members of VPK-Oyl LLC’s non-staff emergency and rescue unit of were trained in a specialist centre and have all the necessary equipment to perform gas rescue works, emergency and rescue operations, and fire-fighting.

The structure of the company includes a fire-fighting station, which is staffed 24 hours a day with personnel. The fire-fighting station has a fire-fighting vehicle, and the required level of fire-fighting materials and equipment. Fire safety conditions within the facility are provided by way of the automatic fire alarm system, fire water supply, fire hydrants, water cannons and primary fire-fighting materials and equipment.

In terms of the key events financing in 2016, funds were released for:

  • special clothes, special footwear and personal protection equipment for employees;

  • regular medical checkups;

  • licensing of production activities (use of explosion and fire hazardous and, chemically hazardous production facilities);

  • civil responsibility insurance for the operation (of hazardous facilities);

  • technical diagnosis, expert appraisal for the industrial safety of technical instruments and equipment;

  • expert appraisal for the industrial safety of buildings and facilities;

  • accreditation of personnel in industrial safety.

In accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation, VPK-Oyl LLC has licenses for its activities in industrial safety:

VPK-Oil LLC is guided by the requirements of nation-wide, interindustry and intra-industry standard regulations in health and safety in the workplace, including the following ones: