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Refinery Growing




The concept of sustainable development of the company is built on the principle of saving the environment for future generations. VPK-Oyl is aware of the nature of the technogenic impact of its activities on the environment and ecological risks. The company is improving training modules in the field of environmental protection and takes part in projects to prevent climatic changes and preserve biological 

The company implements a set of measures to reduce the negative impact on the environment. These measures include environmental monitoring, reduction of polluting emissions, rational use and purification of wastewater, utilization, recycling, and enhance of energy efficiency. The company monitors industrial and fire safety.


Fuel Oil (Mazut)


Oil Tar

Heavy Distillate
of natural-gas condensate

Bitumen petroleum
viscous for road



The mission of LLC "VPK-Oyl" is to sell and delivers wide range of petroleum products to the Russian market as well as to the countries of the near and far abroad. Petroleum products include high-octane automobile gasoline, automobile gasoline, jet fuel, summer and winter diesel fuel, fuel oil, oils, liquefied gas, vacuum gasoil, bitumen and others.. The company also develops new markets alongside with already existing ones.

The company’s social mission is to run business, agency and distributor of crude Oil and petroleum products sales from Kochenevsky oil refinery “VPK-Oil” OOO in the most effective and safe way, promote the development of the territories, the welfare of the population and improvement of the employees’ living standards.

Tons of oil per year

The depth
of oil

The first and the only
refinery in the Novosibirsk region

The company’s main activity is producing oil products and the company produces the following products on a shift basis (day-and-night) depending on the plan: (such as Fuel oil (Mazut) 100 GOST 10585-75- 99, Stable natural gasoline (BGS) TU 0272-009-79038365-2010, jet fuel, summer and winter diesel fuel, oils, liquefied gas, vacuum gasoil, Bitumen.


Among the business partners of our Company are residents of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kirgizia, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Afghanistan, China, Ukraine, Belarus, and also Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Israel, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Great Britain, the Netherlands and USA..


We are entrepreneurial by nature and have a rigorous approach to risk, compliance and financial prudence. The heart of our business is the oil refining along with supply and trading of crude oil and Petroleum products. VPK-Oyl has simultaneously grown a network of strategic assets such as refineries, storage's and tank’s facilities, that enable optimization of supply chain efficiency. 


"VPK-Oyl" OOO is the only hydrocarbon processing enterprise in the Novosibirsk Region, aimed at the regional development of the petroleum refining industry and having state support from the Government of the Novosibirsk Region.

It is worth mentioning that the investment project implementation of oil refinery upgrade is performed with the support of the regional authorities.

Thus, according to the resolution of the Governor of the Novosibirsk region of 27.04.2015 "VPK-Oyl" OOO was included into the list of backbone strategic enterprises of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation.


"VPK-Oyl" OOO also received state support of the Government of the Novosibirsk region (Resolution # 273/п of 21.05.2012). 

Stable and sustainable development, continuous improvement of production and product quality – are the primary goals of Kochenevsky refinery, following of which is of vital importance to the "VPK-Oyl" OOO management.

The Company was registered on 28 November 2005.

2007, December – a refinery was commissioned with capacity of 50,000 tonnes of oil per year.

2010, October – hydrocarbon processing capacity was increased to 250,000 tonnes per year.

2012, November – hydrocarbon conversion rate was increased to 75% and the capacity increased to 270,000 tonnes of oil per year.

In 2012 the Kochenevsky refinery was included by the Ministry of Energy of the RF in the register of projected, constructed and commissioned oil refineries in the Russian Federation.

2013, November – the capacity was increased to 306,000 tonnes of oil per year.

2014, September-October – the company completed the implementation of one of its project stages: reconstruction of its production capacities, which made it possible to increase oil refining volume by 63% to 500,000 tonnes per year.

2015 – The Government of the Novosibirsk Region awarded "VPK-Oyl" OOO a I grade Certificate in the category "Reliable Employer". Oil refining volume increased to 600,000 tonnes per year.

2016, May – The Government of the Novosibirsk Region awarded "VPK-Oyl" OOO a Gold Certificate in the category "Reliable Employer" for winning the contest.

May 27 – completed commissioning of a vacuum distillation unit. The first batches of VGO are ready for shipment to customers! 

The Kochenevsky refinery is a modern, environmentally friendly and safe enterprise,  its infrastructure has everything necessary to make it possible to perform production activity at the highest level of technological and production safety.

The company aims to comply with all priorities and requirements of the oil refining industry development. "VPK-Oyl" OOO is currently the leading oil refining enterprise in the region in terms of production capacity and product sales.

"VPK-Oyl" OOO is successfully implementing a large-scale investment program, the aim of which is to continuously improve the production technology.

Facts about us

Fact #1

 In pursuance of federal laws on industrial safety, this enterprise has created its own non-staff emergency and rescue unit that was attested by an inter-agency commission.

Fact #2

VPK-Oyl, LLC Novosibirsk, Russia has its own infrastructure to provide an uninterrupted supply of feedstock and the shipping of finished products, that consists of:

A farm of tanks for raw materials and finished goods with storage capacity of 40,000 m3
A railway overpass with capacity of 300 m3/h
An automobile overpass with loading capacity of 300 m3/h
A motor vehicle fleet of 64 specialized cars


Fact #3

VPK-Oyl, LLC is the first highly hazardous facility for hydrocarbon processing registered in the Novosibirsk Region.

Fact #4

VPK-Oyl, LLC Novosibirsk, employs: 270 highly skilled personnel who have an average salary of 39,018 rub. per employee

The refinery pays 40.7 mln rubles of taxes to the consolidated budget of the Novosibirsk Region

Fact #5

VPK-Oyl, LLC Novosibirsk, Russia has been included by the Ministry of Energy of Russia in the register of projected, constructed and commissioned oil refineries of the Russian Federation.

Fact #6

VPK-Oyl, LLC Novosibirsk, is:


An environmentally friendly and safe enterprise with a system of technological gas collection with a gas-equalizing system for storage of raw materials and finished products under a nitrogen blanket
with a system of surface runoff collection and treatment